Social Media Analytics

What is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics is the act of gathering data from social media platforms and online content to guide business decision. Enterprise social analytics requires in-depth analysis beyond surface level metrics to fully understand social audiences down to the customer level.


3 Things you Need to Know


Social Metrics

Likes, comments, mentions, retweets, and impressions can’t stand alone, but they are a necessary step in identifying who your audience is so you can go deeper. step in identifying who your audience is so you can go deeper.

Audience Analysis

Create segments of “feel-alike” consumers that cross demographic lines to expand your audience and offer individualized messaging so consumers feel like you’re talking specifically and personally to them. This is also important for community management and offering up the right customer experience.

Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening ups the ante by dialing into more specific aspects of what social users want, need and desire. It’s a consumer-centric, as opposed to brand-centric, approach. as opposed to brand-centric, approach.

Competitive Analysis

Look past your own brand to play the hero for dissatisfied customers of competing brands, as well as to spot and leverage industry trends for your own benefit.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

You need to understand both positive and negative emotions – along with intensity of emotion – to spot customer service issues and reputational threats, as well as influencers to advocate on your behalf.

Social Media Monitoring

Be alerted to emerging trends in real-time, as well as reputational threats  and negative posts with crisis potential. The latter is especially important, since the earlier you know something’s wrong, the better your chances of stopping a crisis from happening at all.

Social Media Analytics

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